Advantages of Training with a Female Martial Arts Instructor

For some reason, a lot of people think that because I am a female martial arts instructor that my students would probably be mostly women. This is far from the truth, I also love to play golf, and always check this site The reality is that my division of men to women is pretty much the same as it is in most martial arts schools, with more men than women training. People train for all sorts of reasons, but many of my students, both men and women, look at training under a female instructor as beneficial to their learning. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Less Macho Training Environment. One of the reasons many people are hesitant to take up martial arts training is because they are worried that there will be too many people who train with a macho attitude using the dojo as their own personal proving ground. They worry that this kind of environment would make the social element unappealing, and the training environment potentially dangerous as people take out their personal baggage on unsuspecting partners. With a female instructor running the show, a class is less likely to attract people with macho attitudes because they’re usually men and those types of men don’t usually have any interest training with a woman making assumptions that they wouldn’t get what they want out of it learning from a woman.

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