The SSR 110 – One of the Best Pit Bikes Around

  Are you interested in getting involved in mini biking? Do you want to feel the thrill of racing the smaller bikes, but don’t have thousands to spend on a brand new Honda or Kawasaki? Are you searching for a cheaper option? Great! This article is reviewing the SSR 110, which is an exceptionally wise purchase, particularly as it costs a fraction of what the other brands cost!

People seem to underrate the excitement that can be had on mini bikes. The certainty is that more and more people are either starting on smaller bikes, or in fact trading in their full size bikes to see what mini biking is all about. Most people recognize that riding the smaller bikes is in fact more fun, so become a full time pit bike rider!

So here is the predicament most people face; the pit bikes are basically too dear. Honda and Kawasaki offer excellent examples of mini bikes, but they cost far too much! Luckily the SSR 110 is much more within most people’s price range and offers a combination of value and robustness to make the ideal bike! Get this; you can get it for well under $700 in certain places!

So here is where you begin; the bike is offered in two different models, the entry level and intermediate machine. The swinging arm on the intermediate bike is a toughened alloy, which evidently provides much more durability, is lighter and makes the bike handle better.

As far as the power plant goes, it is more than sufficient. The SSR 110 uses a 110cc four stroke motor which has a max RPM of 7,500. This means that it ought to hit a top speed of 55mph if geared properly, thanks to the 6.71bhp that it produces. Believe me, these types of speeds off-road are more than enough! This power is put to the ground thanks to a 4 speed manual gear box.

Like most mini bikes the SSR 110 uses the 12 inch wheels, which gives these types of bikes the best handling. Take this in conjunction with the 10.5 inch shocks and you actually do have a quality bike. It uses many features that can be seen on the Honda CRF 50 and the Kawasaki KLX 110, so you know that the quality is second to none!

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